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"Ukona Akili Ingine?" Nadia Mukami Attacks Man For Insinuating Murder Victim Deserved To Be Raped

Family of Velvine is seeking justice as they mourn loss of a beloved, Velvine Nungari.

Velevine who was already laid to rest lost her life in isolation a the Kenyatta Referral and teaching hospitals where even visitors could not visit her her case being a criminal case this after she was discovered in a hotel room with a broken spine, cervical injuries and drugged with lethal injection according to a close fiend of hers who is part of team sponsor in hash tag #justiceforvelvine a hash tag that had Nadia Mukami lock horns with one of her fans today.

The African popstar in took to her Instagram stories to rebuke hat happened to Velvine, who according to her she studied with at the same high school, only for an anonymous fan to insinuate that Velvine deserved rape for the social climber she was.

"Imagine having a Man who reasons like this around you! Are our young sisters Safe around men who reason like this!!?? NOTHING SHOULD JUSTIFY RAPE!! Dear Men, Let’s Create a safe environment for our women! NO MEANS NO!!!


May the Good Lord heal and give strength to the family & friends of Velvine during these hard times!


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