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A Lady Who Was To Employ Me locked Me In A House For 2 years And Forced To Sleep With 2 Men Per Day.

A Lady by the name of Kendi from Meru has narrated how a lady who had promised to employ her as a house girl locked her in a house and forced her to sleep with 2 men per day for two years.

According to kendi she was born into a humble family and so after class eight she was not able to continue with her studies, she decided to look for a job as a house girl and she asked a few women in their village to let her know if someone needs a house girl.

One day as she was at home doing house chores a lady with a car came and asked her if she was the one who wanted a job as a house girl and she said yes, the day told her to pack her clothes so that they can go to Nairobi and she will employ her.

Kendi packed her clothes and because her mother didn't have a phone she had told her if she ever come one day and find out she is not at home she shouldn't worry but know she had found a job, They started their journey to Nairobi and the lady kept on telling her if she works well she was going to take her back to school and so from Meru to Nairobi kendi was just smiling.

Kendi claims that when they arrived in Nairobi she was taken to a certain house with a bedsitter where the neighbors were very far from each other, the lady told her that she will come in the morning to pick and take her to a house where she will be working a locked the door from outside. At around 2 am she heard someone opening the door and so she thought it was the lady who had come to pick her up but to her shock, it was a man who undressed her and slept with her.

Kendi says that she was very scared and was bleeding she waited for that lady to come but she never came, the only people who were coming were men who used to sleep with her in the morning and at night for two years. one day a man came and was unable to sleep with her and he forced his private parts in her mouth and she bite him and he felt the pain that he went and forgot to close the door and that how she was able to escape from that house.

She had stayed there for two years without going outside and she was confused and did know where she was but on her way she met a lady who helped her go back to Meru.

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