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Skin Care

The tribe which does not use water for bathing because of the following reasons

The Himba community live in Namibia. Their population is believed to be around 50,000 people. They practice polygamy where a man is allowed to marry two wives at the same time.

A man is regarded as an adult when they marry while the ladies are regarded as women when they give birth. Girls get married when they get to puperty. This means if a girl matures early, she will also be married early. They get married to husbands that the fathers recommend or look for on their behalf. The practise has been outlawed but it is still practised.

This community do not bath. Bathing is important because it gets rid of bacteria, sebum, dead skin and also encourages proper air exchange by opening the skin pores. The reasons why this community do not take a shower, is because of the harsh desert climatic conditions. The water for bathing is not available. Instead the little water available is used for drinking but not bathing.

The Himba community instead of bathing, they apply red ochre on their skin and take a daily smoke bath that has maintained their hygiene. This has worked perfectly for them.

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Himba Namibia


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