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Siaya Survival Now Reveals How Pumping Air Into Soil Helped Him

Thirty six year old Livingstone Odhiambo, one of the eight men trapped in a collapsed mine in Siaya County for 36 hours, narrowly escaped death by communicating with rescuers.

According to daily nation; The rescue team pulled out Mr Odhiambo and the body of his colleague, Enos Ongong’a.

Rescuers at the scene in Abimbo village, Bondo sub-county, pulled Mr Odhiambo and the body of his colleague from the pit at 3am.

Six other miners have been nonetheless trapped by the time of going to press. Police and multi-business enterprise groups joined the rescue efforts.

The men entered the mine on Thursday and had worked for six hours when they felt a few rumbling earlier than soil and rocks fell and protected the doorway.

“We sincerely had been to go away the mine in the subsequent 20 minutes when the earth began shaking. We then knew all turned into not nicely,” Mr Odhiambo stated after being rescued.

Every body rushed toward the doorway however a boulder rolled down and blocked the manner.”

He introduced that the men moved to more secure components of the mine to keep away from being crushed by rocks.

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