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Things You Should Never Tell A Police Whenever You Are Arrested, May Work Against You

In every region of Kenya, police arrests happen often. Especially if you reside in an urban region, it's possible that you have also been arrested at some point. There are three things in particular you should never say to an officer when you are being detained in order to protect your safety.

I don't believe so.

Never answer "I don't think so" or "probably not" when asked if there are drugs in your residence, car, clothes, bag, or surroundings. Drugs are not on the list of things I am aware of having in my house, car, or wallet. When they inquire, always say no. There will be no trembling. When you're unsure, our quick senses kick in

A relative of mine works as a judge.

A judge will also be detained if he or she is found guilty of a crime in the community. This won't prevent the authorities from catching you. Officers will pick the choice you suggest for them when they return to the police station.

I am conscious of my rights.

These claims are frequently made to the police by thugs, drug dealers, and other street sellers. They are also reminded by the general public media, courts, criminal investigators, and lawyers. The key idea is that you always have the option to remain silent if you are captured and don't say anything. If not, the cops might gather a ton of evidence to use against you.

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