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Panic As Kamiti Maximum prison Inmates Burn Down A Whole Dormitory To Ashes Day After Transferred.

Kamiti maximum prison is known to host criminals who have committed bad crimes like terrorism, murder or any kind of illegal issues that could not be managed by other prisons. Apparently, in the past few days, Kamiti maximum prison has been associated with cases such as inmates escaping and so people were forced to stay keen because the three who escaped were linked with Al-shabaab terrorism group. The senior officers of Kamiti have been doing changes including shifting prisoners and also recruiting new officers who can seriously deal with criminals. Recently, a group of inmates were transferred to another prison in Kirinyaga under tight security but it happened that they had secret plans. As reported by Citizen TV, the inmates have torched a whole dormitory which they were sleeping in and so for now everything has been brought down to ashes. Nothing could be rescued because the gate to that place was so small and it could not allow a whole fire brigade lorry to enter and calm the situation.

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