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Increment of Early Pregnancies Along Lake Victoria

Counties around the lake have reported high cases of HIV/AIDS. The presence of Lake Victoria in relation to the activities around it can have a great contribution towards this increase.

On the shores of Lake Victoria, fish vendors, fishermen, motorbike operators, and other parties spend time doing the fish business from the fishing itself, buying and selling, and even transporting. One would often see naked people around the lake showering shamelessly.

Cases have been reported of people having sexual activities without protection around the lake. This is because women who are fish vendors often spend the night near the lake waiting for fish. They at times offer sexual favors to their male counterparts without protection.

This has led to an increase in the number of teen pregnancies and the always rising cases in the number of HIV/AIDS victims. At times, it is a shocking discovery that the female fish vendors offer sexual favors to fishermen in order to get priority whenever fish is brought to the shore.

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