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Thika's Most Dangerous Estate Where Underage Robbers Attack People In Broad Daylight

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Thika is one of the most safest place to live in Kiambu County. Only a few places within the town are inhabited by criminals who terrorize innocent Kenyans.

One of the most notorious hotspot for criminals in Thika is Kiandutu. Kiandutu is an estate where majority of the residents are low income earners. It is actually a slum characterized by informal settlements and shanties.

The estate has quite a number of idle youths who mostly spend their time taking cheap liquor and khat and hard drugs such as bhang. Majority of them engage in criminal activities to fancy their drug life.

Shockingly, most of the youths are young, between the ages of 16-26. They lazy around the estate as they survey for any potential target to steal from. Some even go to the extent of breaking into people's homes even in broad daylight.

Most of the criminals in Kiandutu are always armed with crude weapons such as machetes and home made guns which they use to attack innocent Kenyans.

This actually an estate where you need to be extra careful especially when you are visiting for the first time. Also avoid walking with valuables within estate as they will always attract criminals who roam around the streets.

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