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A Village In Nepal Where Almost Everyone Has Sold One Of Their Kidneys

It's none other than Hokse, the settlement. It is discovered in Nepal. The residents of this area are so destitute that they are compelled to sell their own kidneys in order to survive.Brokers frequent the community and the surrounding areas, persuading the poor residents to sell one of their healthy kidneys. These spies are infamous for luring innocent villagers into traveling to Southern India so they can carry out their missions. They concoct all kinds of stories to feed the ignorant peasants, such as the idea that people only need one kidney to survive or that a kidney that has been removed would regenerate.

According to legend, an earthquake sent many villages homeless, prompting them to turn to drink to numb their losses. The country has effectively become a "kidney bank" as a result of the conditions, and the organ trade has only thrived. Despite being against the law, up to 7,000 kidneys may be sold annually through an estimated 10,000 black market operations.

Not every organ trafficker is considerate enough to wait for the villagers' permission. Sometimes, victims are abducted and forced to have surgery.Or, they may be duped into believing that they need some other kind of operation, and the kidney is removed without their knowledge. Some victims are even murdered for both their kidneys. The ‘harvested’ organs are sold to wealthy recipients for up to six times the amount that the donor receives.


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