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Six Police Officers Injured After Violent Attack From Youths at Finlays

During an incident where over 200 rowdy youths invaded a tea farm in Kericho to illegally harvest green leaves, six police officers were injured. Two of them are in critical condition. The police initially used tear gas to control the situation but ran out and had to retreat in their vehicle. Unfortunately, the vehicle skidded, landed in a bush, and got stuck in mud, leaving the officers vulnerable to attack. The youths caught up with them and started throwing stones, causing the officers to use their guns to defend themselves and avoid being killed.

During a recent confrontation, the police used 52 rounds of live ammunition but eventually fled the scene, abandoning their vehicle. Afterwards, a group of young individuals stole the battery and wheels from the car before setting it on fire. Additionally, reports suggest that a man drowned in Itare River, Konoin Constituency, while attempting to escape from the gunfire, although further information about this incident has not yet been made available.


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