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Why Gas Cylinders Are Covered With A Plastic Mesh

Gas cylinders are risky because of the flammable gas they carry inside. That is why they are handled with care during transportation and even usage at our homes.

What are some of the safety measure taken to protect the cylinders? Wear and tear are the most avoided gas problems. Have you ever seen gas cylinders covered with a plastic mesh? Why do you think this is done?

The mesh is used to protect the cylinder from shock that can cause wear and tear. During the time of transportation, the cylinders usually collide with each other. The mesh acts as a barrier and prevents the gas cylinders from getting in contact with each other. This is why they are made soft.

Apart from preventing wear and tear, the mesh also makes the cylinders look appealing and clean. So next time you buy a gas don't throw away the plastic mesh, it is very important. Share, like and follow the page for more articles daily.

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