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'Tuliona Miujiza '-Rescued Miners Narrate Mysterious Way That God Provided For Them Inside The Cave

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For six good days, the trapped miners had not seen sunlight. They had been trapped inside the mine from Thursday morning when they first entered the mine. 

Heavy rainfall resulted in the collapse of the entrance thus blocking the miners from accessing the mines. The miners reportedly started running in different directions. This Made it very difficult for the rescuers to reach everyone in time. 

Earlier today the rescuers were able to rescue three who had been trapped inside the mine. The three were Rescued at around 3 Am. They were reportedly asleep by the time the rescuers reached them. 

According to the three, they saw God's hand while they were inside the mine. They didn't have any food or water at first. However, after a few days, water started creeping through the cave walls. According to them, this was God performing his miracle. 


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