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"Establish Fistula Units In Public Hospitals" Fistula Survivors Make Plea to The Government

Today on Thursday 14 October during the annual celebration of fistula survivors, the government has been called upon to establish fistula Units In public hospitals. The units should be fully dedicated to offering corrective care to fistula patients and victims.

This celebration happens every year where fistula doctors and fistula survivors celebrate together.

Fistula is a very deadly disease which causes people to have no control over their short and long calls of nature. Corrective care on victims and patients suffering from this disease will see them being helped to fully recover from the disease.

Fistula is a very bad disease, having very bad effects on both the patient and the care givers. The patient has to wear adult diapers every time since they no total control over the call of nature. It also has psychological effects on the patients such as lose of confidence and lack of self appreciation. The family members also go through a lot since they must always take care of their suffering relatives and family members.

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