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Morning Shocker as Two are Caught Living With a Dead Body For a Month Praying to Resurrect It

Drama was witnessed after a man and his wife were nabbed with their mother's body in their house, she died a month ago.

According to sources, the deceased died a month ago and the two are alleged to have kept the body with the hope that their mother would resurrect.

The two have been having their dead mother's body in the house where they are alleged to have been praying for her to resurrect.

They were nabbed by the area residents who immediately alarted the area police officers.

The area police boss condemned the action taken by two where he went ahead and thanked the residents for informing them on time.

The area police boss claimed that the two will be held in police custody as the investigations into the incident continues.

The incident has left many with more questions than answers where some have gone ahead claiming the two might be depressed after the death of their mother.

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