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A Woman Disowns Her Husband Over A Dead Wealthier Man

A woman in Nakuru was fighting to prove the legitimacy of her marriage to a Nakuru tycoon yesterday and denied to have been married to a man she previously lived with for 11 years. Mrs. Norah Wasonga is one of the three women who were battling in court over sharing and controlling of the multi-million-shilling property which belonged to Millionaire Eliakim Washington Olweny who died in 2016.

She told the high court that she left the father of her four children for the tycoon because they were not married, she ditched her husband Mr. Odhiambo despite having lived happily with him for more than a decade after she met Mr. Olweny in 1990. She also told the court that they could not divorce since they were not married in the first place.

"There was no marriage because no dowry had been paid to my father. when I left Mr. Odhiambo in Nakuru in 1990, I went to live with my father in Asembo together with my children", she added.

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