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Kenya Police officer Caught Drunk on Video

Police officers experience upsetting events in their work more than other professions in society yet the Kenya Police Service capacity to address the resulting psychological challenges is grossly inadequate.

Today, most police officers consider human remains handling and death scene investigation routine. These tasks are laden with emotional significance and are often accompanied by sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touch sensations of the most unpleasant kind.

As human beings, officers are vulnerable to the emotional and sensory aspects of body handling and death scene investigation. 

Social media has erupted after a cop was caught on camera staggering in the streets while drunk like a skunk.The middle-aged officer, who was dressed in full police uniform, was seen entertaining some kids who were just idling around by shaking his waist like a Congolese dancer.

Alcoholism has become a major problem in the police force.

Most cops are finding solace in the bottle after falling into depression.

Check out this disturbing video.

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