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New Development on Case Of Man Who Killed Neighbor's Child After The Mom Refused To 'Give it' To Him

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An old man by the name of Meltal Lenjori is set to cool his heels in jail for the next six years after the court turned down his recent appeal. The man is accused of killing his neighbor's 2-month-old baby after his mother turned down his advances. 

The old man is said to have waited until the woman's husband had gone to work when he crept in and started making advances on the lady in a bid to lay her. However, the woman turned him down immediately. He tried to forcefully get her but the woman screamed and was saved by neighbors. 

The old man went back to his home and returned during the night when the neighbors were sound asleep. He tried forcing himself to her again but he was turned down. He got angry and started hitting the lady using his walking stick. One of the strokes landed on the 2-month-old baby and killed him instantly. 

The man was sentenced to six years in prison. He tried to plead with the court to let him go since he was diagnosed with chronic disease recently. He also told the court that he has 12 sons to take care but his pleas fell on deaf ears. 

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