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Sad: This is The Number of Women Killed Everyday by Their Partners

With the corona pandemic going on, gender based violence against women has only increased and due to the pandemic these alarming news are being overshadowed. According to a report done by the world economic forum, six women are killed every hour by men around the world!!. These crimes are mostly done by people known by the victims like family members, partners or former partners.

The most recent figures from the UN show that 137 women are killed everyday across the world. This number adds up to a whooping 50,000 women every year!.Efforts have been made and are still being made against these crimes but it's a slow battle since violence against women is deeply embedded in our cultures all around the world. Africa has the highest rates of violence against women which is mostly in Middle East and North Africa with a 45% rating.

Good news is that these deaths are preventable. We just have to be willing to help out and protect our women who we know suffer from abusive relationships and educate people on the consequences of ignorance when it comes to this matter. It is a small effort to make sure we too don't bury our loved ones in the future.

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