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How This lake killed over 1700 people and 3500 animals overnight

We have a lot of lakes in the world where some of them supply us with water. Normally, there are settlements near these lakes as most of the people may use lakes to carry out different activities like fishing or recreational purpose.

This is the same case in Lake Nyaso which is found in Cameroon. Here One of the most horrific and strange incident happened on August 1986. Note that this lake is formed on top of a volcanic crater in Northwest Cameroon

What happened here was one of the most gut wrenching natural events in history and scientists have no idea what triggered it. It was determined that this lake had released CO2 at around 9 pm and most of the people were asleep. The gas sunk into the valley below blanketing everything in the shit of toxic gas 50 meters thick. Usually hundred thousands of tones of CO2 are kept contained in the lake but something blew the lid off

Without warning the lake released those tones of CO2- estimated range from 300,000 up to 1.6 million and this silent death cloud spread out over the countryside at nearly 100km/h suffocating an estimated 1,746 people and more than 3,500 live stocks within a minute.

Many people from the village of Cha,Nyos and Subum were silently asphyxiated in their sleep and some were found with blood around their noses and mouth. The few survivors explained hoe helpless and unconscious they watched their loved ones breathe their last breadth 

It is not clear what broke the seal and allowed the deep contaminated water to rise but it could have been an earthquake, a landslide or a volcanic eruption or even the movement of water heavily. The trigger was silent but the effects were catastrophic

Though there are a lot of different explanation about this terrible event from the local, the lake was installed some pipes which could release CO2 very gradually into the air. Also the wall was built around the dam to hold processes such as weathering or Lake Overflow. We hope this measures will are well advanced and can be trusted

What are some rumors have you ever heard about this even?

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