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Kakamega Man Beats Another Middle Aged Man Mercilessly After He Urinated at A Public Place

A man in kakamega county is nursing serious wounds after he was beaten by a stranger for going against county laws that prohibit residents from urinating in public,the man who was helping himself was caught by Mr Otieno who was just closer,according to Otieno its clear that no one was allowed to urinate where the 24 year old was helping himself,but owing to his condition he decided to help himself and anyone who had a problem with him will gladly confront him,however Jared Otieno who manns the area was shocked with the man.

He approached him with blows and kicks before other locals could start moving closer,by the time police officers were arriving the man had dismantled the 24 year old properly leaving him with injuries,Jared was arrested and he is expected to be produced in court for assault,however the man who was beaten was rushed to hospital by police officers who had already arrived.

Onlookers who were looking at the incident claimed that they thought something else was provoking the man. 

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