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Guns Galore: How Kenya Policemen Hire Out Their Weapons To Goons To Commit Crimes

A year long research, full of insecurity and danger but Citizen Television still went ahead and found some shocking truths about some Kenya Policemen.

The research yielded results that has shocked many people since it was aired today on Citizen Tv.

Policemen, who took oaths to protect the nation are the same people who put civilians at risk.

They hire out their weapons, badges and even police clothing to goons in Nairobi at a price.

An insider says one bullet costs around one thousand shillings. There are middle men involved and most of the time you never get to see the Policemen face to face.

Pistols can range from five thousand to ten thousand depending on whether it is loaded or not. An AK 47 gun is the most expensive to hire as the insider notes that they are hard to find and are only carried by Administration Police. The price ranges from eighty thousand to two hundred thousand.

Handcuffs are also not let out for they also come at a price of one thousand shillings.

These weapons are used to commit deadly crimes like high end theft and also killing. They use this weapons to threaten civilians while they are dressed as Policemen.

Meeting them, one sees safety but when they strike you may end up dead.

The investigation also revealed that some of the guns used by the goons are smuggled into the country by the police officers involved in this trade.

Many cases are in the rise yet the very people responsible for the investigations lie and write falls reports to cover up for the goons.

Many murder cases involve police weapons yet the reports given are changed completely.

Just how dirty is the police force and how many people have fallen victim of their crimes?

Content created and supplied by: Oiro.N (via Opera News )

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