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"I Pleaded, Cried in Vain" Widow of Man Accused of Killing One of Master Wanjala 10 Victims Speaks

Master Wanjala, the man behind the killing of 10 young promising children mostly footballers, across the country shocked many with his confession of how he killed and dumped their bodies.

Wanjala, confessed that he started baying for young children blood at the age of 15-years when he killed his first victim.

However, his action could leave a lasting and painful memories to two families. The family of his first victim and that of the man accused by the entire village of the murder.

In February, 2018, young Emmanuel Wafula went missing and was later found dead 2 days after his disappearance.

His body was found dumped in a pit latrine by villagers and relatives who were in the mission of searching for him.

However, his discovery could be the beginning of turbulence to the family of Haron and Mary Ajega.

The entire village believed that it was Mary Ajega's husband who had committed the heinous crime.

An angry mob turned up at their home and dragged Mr. Ajega baying for his entire family blood.

"They attacked my husband and dragged him from home. They wanted to kill him to pay for the boy's life with his," Mary narrated.

With overwhelming evidence pointing at him, the entire village believed it was him who had killed the boy. They stormed his homestead and set ablaze seven houses belonging to their sons.

" I don't know why they did this. I tried to reason with them. I pleaded with them, I cried to them but they couldn't listen," Mary said in tears.

Haron, who was sick and recuperating was able to cheat the jaws of death after managing to slip away from them, hang onto a bodaboda and begged the driver, who drove him to Kimilili police station.

Even though he survived, he could not live long to see God vindicate him from the accussations.

Haron and his family moved to Kisii and later Trans Nzoia. Thinking that he could find peace, rumors, whispers and gossiping followed him whenever they went. He and his family were branded murderers.

His friends and the entire village now looked at him as a murderer and enemy despite having no evidence to link him to the death.

Harons body could not take it longer. He finally died from stress and high blood pleasure occasioned by trauma brought by the incident that turned his life and that of his entire family a living hell.

"They killed him. And for what...? I wish Mzee would have not died last year to witness God vindicate him," Mary lamented.

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