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Man Left Weeping After Returning Home to Find His 1 Week Old Baby on Cold Floor, Wife Had Damped Him

A man by the name Levis Shisia, was left weeping like a toddler and gasping in disbelief after returning home from work only to discover his one-week-old baby on the cold floor sleeping.

Prior to his abrupt return, Levis had gone for a business trip thus leaving his beloved wife and their one week old baby at home.

While on the trip, he received a mysterious call from one of his neighbours who gave him the disturbing news.

The concerned neighbour told Lewis that he had seen her (Levis's wife) pack all her stuff leaving their home empty. Surprisingly, she only left the innocent baby on the cold floor with no one else to look after her.

This forced Levis to cut short his trip and to return home where he met the shocking surprise.

Gasping in disbelief, he broke down into tears yelling helplessly with no one to help him.

With the heart of a lion, Levis then later moved into a smaller house and started life from scratch.

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