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'Asante Sana Serikali' Mombasa Twilight Girls Celebrate After Curfew is lifted

Twilight girls were greatly affected by the curfew imposed by the government as a means of fighting covid-19. The dusk to dawn curfew has been in effect for like two years now and many businesses which run at night were serverly affected.

To mention but a few, bars and restaurants which used to operate till late at night or for 24 hours were closed down some of them. Others reduced the number of their employees since business dropped immensely. Other supermarkets reduced their sales and the most affected were closed down. Not forgetting the transport industry for individuals who found it more convenient to travel overnight were also affected.

Then we have the sex workers who are better known as twilight girls or prostitutes. Their business was also affected since they operate basically at night while getting majority of their customers on bars and entertainment joints which were closed due to the curfew. This forced some of them switch to other businesses while others opted to sleep with their clients at bushes, parked cars or at their rented premises which was not quite convenient.

Thus, the news of curfew cessation was received with jubilation by these sex workers. The Mombasa crew were actually grateful since their business could now flourish with the curfew having been lifted and bars operation going back to normal closure of 11 pm.

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Asante Sana Serikali' Mombasa Mombasa Twilight Girls


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