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Why Students Murder Have Been Increasing In The Past Few Years

In the past few years Kenya has recorded several murder cases. It is very sad how innocent lives of students have been succumbed to sudden painful deaths. Below are reasons that may have caused the increase of such cases.

1. Impact of the environment whether it at home or at school. For instance in a situation where children witness their parents arguing at home or even fighting can affect them so much.

2. Bad influence. The people who students spend their time with will have an impact in their lives in one way or another. At times one can indulge in unthinkable things just to fit in a certain group.

3. Abuse. One can get traumatized by drugs to a point of seeing murdering someone is the only way to free themselves.

4. Erosion of cultural values. Our african culture teaches us to be respectful to each other. Many parents have failed to introduce their children to african culture hence end up murdering each other for unacceptable reasons.

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