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Good News As Sonko Offers Ksh 600,000 For Arrest Of Gang That Gouged Out 3-Yrs Boy Eyes

Mike Mbuvi Sonko a former governor of Nairobi offered a prize of Ksh400,000 to any officers who would kill the gang members responsible for gouging out the eyes of a three-year-old boy in Kisii.

Sonko also made a Ksh200,000 reward offer to any member of the public who provided police with leads and helped them find the gang.

The police officer who kills a member of this infamous gang will receive Ksh400,000 Sonko said. I have been deeply saddened by this sad incident Sonko said.

On Saturday, December 17, the former governor emphasized on his social media platforms that he would defend the police if the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) pursued them.

He continued I will still volunteer to support the authorities who will locate and take out the criminal gang.

The little boy from the village of Ikuruma in Marani Kisii County was found abandoned and in great pain after being attacked by a group of men and having his eyeballs gouged out. Sadly, the child will be blind for the remainder of his life according to the physicians.

The small youngster was discovered inside a corn plantation after going missing for an hour, which was grieved by the boy's family.

The young child went to gather water at a local spring with other boys according to his grandma, but he was left behind when he ran away.

This spurred a search for the little child but he wasn't located until his older brother who was cutting grass close to the spot the next day returned the favor.

The boy was writhing in agony with his eyeballs gouged out when we arrived at the scene the grandma continued.

His family requested the local police to look into the situation and find everyone responsible for the horrific conduct.

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