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8 Things That Happen Some Few Hours Before A Prisoner Is Executed

Before being killed, a prisoner is treated in this manner.

A convict is allowed to receive visits from family members, friends, attorneys, and spiritual leaders in the final 24 hours before being put to death. The prisoner is given an opportunity to confront them and express regret for any wrongdoings that may have been committed.

These meetings last until the very last day and take place in the deathwatch chamber or a separate visitor area. Before the prisoner is carried to the execution chamber, the family and friends have one more opportunity to see him or her.

In the final moments before the execution, a number of things take place.

Executioners use a number of techniques, including as fatal injection, hanging, and the electric chair, to put someone to death.

The following actions need to be performed before someone is put to death:

1. A search of the prisoner is conducted to see if any lethal weapons that could be used for suicide or murder are present. Then, the person is taken to a death house where they can relax and speak with their creator one more time.

2. There is a bathroom and all other necessary equipment in the execution chamber, and the prisoner is constantly watched over to prevent suicide or other self-inflicted harm.

3. The prisoner gets up at 4.30 am on the day of the execution to take care of any unfinished business.

4. They are free to spend time with their families or even call loved ones just before leaving to say goodbye.

5. On a fateful day, they are given their last meal and allowed to prepare it themselves.

6. If the sentence calls for electrocution, the prisoner is reduced in size to make the process simpler. They take a bath and put on their new outfits in order to get ready for the execution.

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