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National Police Service Breaks Silence After Viral Clip Of Graduated GSU Making Threats

Today, there was a viral video of young GSU officers who recently passed their training successfully and basically people got so much afraid by the information they were giving. According to the clip, the young men who were carrying firearms claimed that they are now ready to work for the country and that everybody should refrain from doing mistakes that can land them to the wrong side of the law. The boys said that they are ready to attack and punish anybody who will rub shoulders with them. They actually branded themselves as 'Squad 26' and claimed that they are the toughest group ready to deal with netizens appropriately. The matter has been addressed this evening by national police service who said that the whole group has gone through tough training and character modelling which calls for responsible behavior at place of work. They said that they will not allow any member who has graduated recently to harass Kenyans just because they think they are above the law. The national police promised Kenyans that they are safe and that they will have a session with the boys so that they can observe all rules given to them by the heads.

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