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Man In Kakamega Caught Putting Two Eggs In a Coffin During a Burial Ceremony

The Kakamega funeral was brought to a standstill by a 60 year old man who was caught sneaking two eggs in the coffin. According to the news which was shared on the social media platforms, the man was caught by the elders who were leading the burial ceremony. It is said that the man decided to do this act after he noticed that the spirits of the dead person might follow him.

The man was already placed one egg on the left side of the coffin while the other on the right side. The residents who were in the ceremony attacked him doing the incident which left me no people shocked. The man was later taken by elders who wanted to investigate why he was doing such an incident. The man was unable to explain himself as people ask him many questions.

The village elders later came to calm the situation to allow the burial ceremony to continue. The man was held by the village elders so that he can give more explanations about it. The neighbors and friends were shocked untill the burial ceremony was finished. Remember to love your neighbor as you love yourself. Wear masks and maintain social distance so that we can overcome this deadly disease called covid-19 in our country.

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