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Road Accident

Video: CCTV Footage Captures Disturbing Moment A Power Line Falls On A Man At A Subway Station

In a 32-second viral clip circulating across social media, two men are standing apart from each other in a subway station and appear to be engaging in a normal conversation. The men are both wearing white caps but one of them is carrying a black briefcase while the other dons a red backpack.

[Photo courtesy: The men at a subway station.]

9 seconds later, their conversation is interrupted by a high-voltage cable that falls on the man carrying the black suitcase. Sending a stream of electric volts ripping through his body. As the electric cable can be seen whacking his upper torso, causing his clothes to briefly burn as he falls backward onto the railway tracks below. As the man, he was talking to scampers away for safety.

[Photo courtesy: Moment the power cable falls on him.]

After lying unresponsive on the tracks for several seconds, the victim manages to roll onto his side. The video ends with bystanders carrying him off the tracks on a stretcher. Luckily, the victim is said to have survived despite sustaining a few serious burns.

The disturbing clip has stirred reactions among netizens who wondered how life can be fragile. One minute you are here the next minute you are gone. Many times, it is never included in our plans.

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