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"I Would Attack When They Are Lying Naked In Lodging" Wafula Narrates How He Would Rob With 3 Girls

Wafula has narrated how he would use 3 beautiful girls to steal from wealthy men. Two of the girls would be sent by Wafula to entice the men into sleeping with them. Wafula had an Mpesa shop being attended by one of the three girls.

There was a butchery and lodging in close proximity with his wines and Spirits shop. The girl at Mpesa shop would inform him if someone made a transaction of good money especially over Ksh 100,000.

Wafula would then send one of the beautiful girls close to the man who had just withdrawn some cash at Mpesa shop. If the man would see the beauty of the girl, he would fall into a trap. Wafula would wait the two to go into the lodging where the girl would signal Wafula immediately they starting making love.

Wafula would storm into the room while they are naked and threaten the man claiming that the beautiful girl is his wife. Wafula has well built body. He said that he would go to Jim every morning and thus threatening someone was very easy for him. And would work.

{Image used for illustration purpose only (man and woman caught in lodging)}

Wafula would then demand over Kes 100,000. Wafula narrated one case which got him arrested. This was a different case in which the man could not give in to the threats at lodging. Wafula had to pursue him later because he had Ksh 800,000.

Wafula and his two girls attacked the man tied him. They undressed him, took the money and left him naked in the bush. Wafula gave Ksh 150,000 to each of the two girls and remained with Ksh 500,000.

The two girls had never gotten such a large amount of money. They were overexcited and this spoilt everything. One girl went to the club and bought drinks to everyone till down.

Since the man from whom they had stolen the money went and reported the case, police came investigating and arrested one of the girls. The other one ran away.

This girl after being questioned by detectives gave up Wafula who was then arrested. Wafula said that after his 6 years of imprisonment, he has reformed and he will never steal from anyone again.

He said that he got saved and right now he is a man of God. He preach and pray for those still held captive by spirit of robbery like him before.

Wafula urged the people not to discriminate people coming from jail because they are never the same again. What do you think about this incident? Please leave your comments below.


Content created and supplied by: Ndunguri (via Opera News )

Jim Mpesa Wafula


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