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Road Accident

NTSA on The Spot as Killer Modern Coast Busses Quietly Return on The Roads

Barely hours after a modern coast bus caused a freak accident that killed one in Kisii, reports now emerge that the said busses have returned back to work like nothing ever happened.

After the July crash, NTSA Director-General George Njao said the operations of the bus company had been halted across seven routes where it operates.

NTSA was also to evaluate the bus company’s safety operation standards, Mr Njao added.

Nevertheless, it has now emerged that the NTSA has completely lifted the ban on these busses.

This interesting development has sparked serious uproar across the internet with netizens airing some varied views.


Gabriel... It's time for the media to invest in proper and deeper research when gathering information, NTSA won't just allow the buses back to business blindly. There is protocol and everyone involved can be interviewed to share their opinion why they deemed it fit to allow Modern Coast buses back on the roads.

John... The directors of the company should appear before a parliamentary committee on the road safety of passengers

Bernard... It should be disbanded - let documentation go back to kra and road safety to Kenya police service.

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