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Road Accident

Back to School Tragedy After a Vehicle Full of Students Overturns In Molo

Several Students have escaped unhurt following an evening Tragedy after their Psv allegedly overturned moments after being involved in a deadly accident.


According to the reports given by Radio Citizen, it has been revealed that the accident that occurred today in Molo, Nakuru County in the evening involved a public service vehicle along with a bus. Onto what might be considered as good news, none of the victims died except for the few who left with minor injuries.

This is happening at the same time when the ministry of transport has called upon kenyans urging them to make sure they follow all the traffic rules and regulations in order to reduce the increasing rate of accidents that has already claimed a number of lives.

While reacting to this incident, kenyans have called upon the government urging them to consider vetting rogue traffic police officers claiming that they were the main reason behind the increased rate of accidents in the country.

However, others went ahead and called upon parents urging them to always make sure they pray for their children adding that this might have turned out differently.

Eric Waitangi - Courtesy of Corrupt traffic police officers along with poor infrastructure in the country. Well done.

Peter Muhonja - I don't know what to say about this or who to blame but I'm just happy that no one was injured in the process.

Lucy Njue - This is why I'm always advising parents to make sure they pray for their kids. I'm glad they're okay.

Ken Kamau - Why is it that Alot of accidents are currently happening. We lost 20 yesterday and now, i mean what's not happening.

Mercy Uside - Let's pray for our children. I mean this would have turned out differently and Alot of people, would have been crying.

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