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"Lady Tells On How Her Husband Used To Relieve Himself With Their 4 Months Old Daughter" Lady

Nyambura Wainaina from Laikipia County narrates a very painful story of how she suffered in the hands of her husband.

Nyambura alleges that when she was in form 3, she got pregnant with a guy from his village. Things got hot as the man refused to take responsibility of the baby leading to her mother advising her to terminate the baby but she refused and ran away from home.

While walking across the forests and villages, dark caught up with her and she decided to enter one of the homes where she seeked refuge and continue with her journey to Nyahururu the following morning. She was welcomed by a lady who was the owner of the home, ate dinner with them and got a chance to know the family.

The lady had a boy who was the same age as Nyambura and the two got along very well. The young man convinced her to stay and promised to take care of her. She accepted.

After a few months, when her pregnancy was 6 months old, Nyambura alleges that her mother in-law coincided with another woman and gave her natural herbs without her concent thus terminating her pregnancy. The act broke her heart but she had no choice other than accept and move on.

She was then able to go back to school where she and her husband completed form four and started a family together. But her marriage wasn't a bed of roses as her husband became a serious womanizer and could batter her anytime she tried to question him.

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One day, after coming from work, she alleges that she found her husband watching dirty videos with their 4 year old daughter while forcing her to touch his private parts so as to relieve himself. The act really broke her heart and to her surprise, her husband was an apologetic and instead battered her badly saying that she was going nuts.

Afterwards, Nyambura claims that her husband would then take alcohol on different occasions and misbehave at home whereby he would even pee on the table so as to annoy her. She alleges that he even one day came home drunk and forced their 4 year old daughter to touch his private parts as she watched so as to make Nyambura's allegations to be true.

This was followed by other series of cheating and even discovered that he was getting intimate with his boss who was a man in exchange for job security and the luxurious cars he used to be given at work.

His dramas became too much and after attempting suicide twice and failed, she was left with no option other than leave the toxic marriage. Her prayer now is to find a good counselor who will help her daughter recover from the trauma she has

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