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These Are The Places In Nairobi With A High Number Of Phone Thieves

Nairobi is nowadays becoming a place and a home of thieves because each and every day we experience innocent kenyans complaining about robbers in almost each and every street. There is nothing that is always insecure than walking knowing that you may be robbed anytime by unknown people.

Many streets in Nairobi are known to be full of thieves but there are some which have a high number of notorious thieves. A facebook user by the name Peter Kabera has decided to alert netizens about some streets which are full of phone thieves.

Through a message and pictures that he sent in a renown group known as Nairobi Crime Free, Peter said that Odeon to Accra road is the hotspot of phone thieves. Nowadays the trick that many thieves use to steal is using motorbikes so that after their robbery is succesful they can escape faster.(Photo| courtesy)(Photo| courtesy)

Everyone who is always found to be passing through the named areas should be careful or use an alternative route because anytime you are careless, you will find that your phone is gone.(Source screenshot)

Content created and supplied by: Obedeefanatics (via Opera News )

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