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Nairobi's Korogocho Area to Go Weeks without Power after KPLC's Latest Operation in the Area

Slum dwellers of Nairobi's Korogocho and Gomongo areas on Tuesday suffered a big long-term set back as Kenya Power and Lighting Company vandalised all electricity transformers in the area. This came after a series of reports had emerged on increased rates of "mulika mwizi" (illegal electricity supply) in the area, pushing KPLC to carry out an operation. Kenya Power also took this step after a number of conflicts had purportedly erupted amongst the growing number of illegal electricity suppliers.

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This move means residents of Korogocho Slums will have to go for weeks, months or even years without power, until landlords will be ready and willing to subscribe to the prepaid token option. "Mulika mwizi" power supply is a major business in Nairobi's low class residences with residents looking to minimise bills and expenditures. This has also been the case with water supply. However, the major underlying problem has always been the suppliers who have never agreed on their supply boundaries. This has in turn led to conflicts between different suppliers.

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Faced by a series of management and financial crises, KPLC has been in operation cracking down on illegal electricity supplies country wide with slummy and low class residences mostly being targeted.

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