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Pipeline Residents Cry Foul For Being Terrorised By Mungiki

Mungiki is a group of people known for terrorising people and taking their valuables mainly based in Nairobi and it's environs. They were at one time very common but it reached a point where they were eradicated by tye police in collaboration with the citizens.

It looks like this gang is coming back again to life. A resident from Pipeline area has cried for help from the government after this people are re emerging and terrorising them while conducting their businesses daily. This resident wrote on Facebook saying:

"Hello sir, I'd like to bring to your attention the growth of Mungiki in the pipeline embakasi. They target small business especially vendors. They harass us unless we part with cash at their request. Sometimes they take anything they want from your business and there's nothing you can do because they have numbers. Kindly tusaidie. Imagine making 800 per day alafu mtu anademand half or more.If you want to start a business wanaitisha upto 6k, na hiyo ni kibanda tu ya mama mboga. Ukikataa inabomolewa ukiona."

These people are really suffering from these Mungiki. Hope the government intervenes for them.

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Mungiki Pipeline


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