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Masten Wanjala's Teacher Confesses What He Did To Children, He Was Never A Bad Guy

Several testimonies have been given by the various people who happened to interact with Masten Wanjala while he was still young. During this time, he was so friendly to the children who came around him. His primary school teacher has confessed that Wanjala was very kind while young. He always spent more time with children.

The teacher said that Masten Wanjala used to buy food stuffs to the children he played with. He bought sweets among other goodies to make them happy. It's so sad that during all this time, a certain spirit was developing in him that he would end up turning against the same children.

This happens as details reveal that he always murdered children less than age of 13 years. It is claimed that he was inspired by certain spirits where he would abduct the children and demand money from parents. Whenever the parents delayed, he would always slaughter the children and dump them in private places.

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