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(Video) The Interesting Story Of A Floating Fuel Station In Lamu

Fuel station are known to be situated on the land especially along the highways. But the Nation has captured a video of a different kind of a filling station in Lamu.

Unlike other filling station this is a uniques fuel station that is found inside the Ocean which is now popular as the floating station. It has normal filling machines which are loaded in a sea vessel. It has ample space to allow vehicles movement and other units of carriage that needs to be refueled.

This floating station has been hailed by the area residents citing that it has reduced the risks which is caused by other fuel stations that are on the land. They added that incase of fire or any other accident which occurs in the filling station, it's effects can easily be controlled.

Residents also cited that the floating fuel station gives services to people from all corners of the area as rarely can you find a filling station situated on the land. People have known and embraced this unique station. They also asked the government to come up with strategies which will enforce more use of this kind of fuel station across the the Country.

What's your take on this, watch the video below and follow for more updates.

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