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Secondary Education


Autopsy Of A School Boy Allegedly Lynched Released Revealing New Details

The autopsy of a form four student from Gathiruini boys who was allegedly lynched after sneaking into Komothai girls secondary school in Kiambu county,has been released revealing new details.

Forensic examination that was conducted on the body of the deceased at Kiambu level four hospital, established that the seventeen years old boy had a fractured skull.

It was also established that the deceased had a broken limbs and an array of other superficial visible injuries.The report further concluded that the boy died as a result of a blunt forced tremor to the head.

The family members of the deceased had gathered at the facility to find out the real cause of their sons death.The deceased family now blames the school especially the security section for failing to safeguard the students making it easy for them to sneak out of the school.

Detectives from the directorate of criminal investigations department have already recorded statements from several witnesses who were at the scene during the incident.

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