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Stop Partitioning Your House With Bricks And Use This Best And Effective Material (Photos).

Houses are very important structures in the life of humans. They help in providing shelter and storage units to human beings. To make a stronger and durable house, better materials with high tensile strength must be used.

Most of the people use bricks in building partition walls of their houses. Use of bricks is highly discouraged. This article reviews the advantages of using concrete blocks instead of bricks in partitioning your house.

1. Bricks are highly affected by dampness unlike concrete blocks. When bricks absorbs water they swell leading to formation of cracks on your walls.

2. Bricks cannot be used for building walls in high seismic zones i.e earthquake prone zones. Concrete blocks can be used in these areas because of their high compression ability.

3. Concrete blocks are easy to work with and makes construction works faster. They have a large size compared to bricks. Building a wall with bricks takes long time due to their small size.

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