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Mpesa Challenges Every New Mpesa Agent Should Know

photo courtesy of mpesa.

Mpesa relied on phone numbers as identifies in sending money.Recently mpesa introduce a number confirmation future,where one could conference the name of the recipient before the transaction was completed.

Had this come earlier,there would have be fewer losses through sending money to wrong number. Other challenges mpesa experience and in some cases continues,are as following;

lack of laws governing mobile money fraud.Its for a long time packed laws that would government mobile frauds.This means if you erroneously sent money to a wrong number and the person used the money,there would be no law to convince the person.this has only changed recently and not strongly followed.

Difficulty reversing mpesa transaction this is worst customer care initiative,as it takes longer to reach the ever busy customer line.This is still a problem to date safaricom has introduce a wrong transaction,but this works if the wrong recipient has not withdrawn the money.

Lastly is limited user experience documentation ,most of kenya mpesa lack written sources detailing customer experience in the rollout.This has led to history by pioneering mobile money thus fail to keep good records for other to follows and learn.

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