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Road Accident

Mistakes Pedestrians Often Make

While fall and winter may be the most beautiful time of the year in Ontario, it is undeniably also the most dangerous time on the roads. Records show a definite increase in car accidents at this time of the year, and many of those involve pedestrians. Pedestrians are often chastised for their mistakes, and a recent proposal may make it illegal for pedestrians to be distracted by mobile phones.

At other times people ignore the foot bridges and opt to cross the road and the wrong places which are very dangerous.

Be careful out there tonight! Halloween ranks as the third-deadliest day for pedestrians...with triple the number of pedestrian fatalities that happen on an average day.(The only days that are worse are December 23 & January 1.)

Often drivers leave their cars in unfamiliar locations for long periods of time. And between parties, costumes, kids and candy, drivers are often distracted and make simple mistakes which lead to car thefts - like leaving doors unlocked.

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