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'Please help me find my family' A Lady of two kids stranded in streets of Nakuru cries

The story of a lady named Catherine Kamau from Gitaimbuka Village, Kandara-Muranga, has sparked many reactions from Kenyans. According to the information highlighted on the Facebook page of Murang'a News, the lady says that she had been married to Simon Mbogo, who works as a Technician Njoro Postal(pictured). Her husband chased her away together with her two kids

After deciding to go back to her parents, Catherine and her two kids got stranded in the street of Nakuru for hours; she didn't know where to find them; she pleaded with the residents to help her find her family. A samaritan enabled her to find her family member who promised to take care of her. His brother has requested well wishers to help her secure a job to enable her to feed her kids.

Several individuals have reacted to the painful story, many terming the husband of Catherine as an irresponsible man.

Asection of men has turned out to condemn Catherine's husband for tarnishing the name of men by chasing away his wife without giving her even the fare. 

Was it right for the man to chase away his wife with kids ? Give us your comment

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Catherine Catherine Kamau Kandara-Muranga Nakuru Njoro Postal(


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