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Residents In Fear After A Coffin Was Found At The Doorstep Of One Of the Locals In Ebunyanganyi

Dread has grasped residents at Ebunyanganyi in Navakholo, Kakamega County after a casket was found at the doorstep of the place of one of local people. Inhabitants woke up and tracked down a little casket enveloped by a white woolen piece of material at the passage of Peter Wekondi's home. 

Many stunned local people crowded Wekondi's home to observe the odd episode that has become the discussion of the town. 

Jenipher Masika, a farmhand was stunned to see the casket conveniently positioned at the doorstep of her boss who was still sleeping. 

Wekondi, has been in and out of emergency clinic since he wrapped up developing his new house which stays empty until he recuperates. 

"I was going to the homestead when I recognized the little coffin set at the principle entryway of the new house. I got terrified yet assembled fortitude and woke up relatives who were in a different house." 

Ms Masika said she has never seen a particularly strange occurrence in her life. "Everybody was reluctant to move close to the final resting place," she told writers. 

Relatives were silenced when they saw the final resting place. 

The coffin was set at the principle passageway and it had three crosses on top. 

Jackeline Oteng'o, Wekondi's significant other said they were sitting tight for her better half to be released before they move into the new house. 

As per Ms Oteng'o, it was difficult to tell the intention behind the unloading of the casket in the home. 

"At the point when the specialist educated us about the final resting place, it seemed like a joke. In any case, we were stunned when we saw it," she said. 

"We will direct unique petitions and a service to exorcize insidious spirits prior to possessing the house given what has come to pass for us," she added.

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