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Kirinyaga Fathers In Tears Alleging Pressure From Women Has Led To Increased Suicides By Their Sons

Cases of old men being beaten by their women and young men taking their lives due to the tough economic times have been on the rise of late not only in Kirinyaga but in all parts of this Nation.

According to the report by Inooro TV, women have become the source of misery and sorrow in their families, pushing their men to the edge whenever they come back home empty handed or with less money than expected.

Joseph Sega and Samuel Muturi, residents of Kiriani, Kirinyaga County, say that wives have become a menace. They sadly explain how waking up, going to hustle every morning and getting peanuts at the end of the day makes one wish to be dead especially when they remember the pressure at home.

Samuel Muturi: Courtesy | Inooro

Another sad father, Harrison Nyaga, explains how his child killed himself because of constant disrespect from his wife. Nyaga remembers how close they were to the extent of giving each other a common name dubbed 'man'. He cuts of the interview since he cannot control his tears when he remembers the love he had for his son only for another woman to push him off the wall.

Sad Harrison Nyaga: Courtesy | Inooro

Kiviu Ndwiga, a father of a son who hanged himself cannot help but shed tears when he narrates how his son took his life because of pressure from the wife. He gets bitter when he remembers how close they were and advice's men to take life easy.

These are just but a few incidences on the report from Kirinyaga by Inooro TV. The list of men who have taken their lives while others getting into drug addiction due to the pressure from their wives is outrageous. Kirinyaga fathers are in tears and even made a gathering to discuss on how they will assist their sons and reduce these incidences.

Click on the link below to view the video footage by Inooro on YouTube;


This leaves us with the question to our dear Kenyan women, 'mnatakanga aje?'

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Harrison Nyaga Inooro Kirinyaga Kirinyaga County Samuel Muturi


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