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"I Have Been Operated For More Than 6 Times on My Private Parts Due To FGM" A woman Narrates.

Angeline Mukami wa born and raised in Embu. Her mum was always out doing errands, and she was never home.

When she was young, 8 Years old, she was taken to a certain hut by her aunts, grandmother and four other women. Her grandmother was very happy and kept on ululating. As a young child she didn't know what was happening but her conscience warned her of danger. She was afraid, and she ran away through the window.

One of her aunts caught her and brought her back to the hut. She sat there thinking maybe its not a bad thing since her aunts were involved.

It all dawned on her when to that what was happening was not good. She was injected with anaesthesia on her private parts and her lower body went numb.

Whatever happened afterwards, has made her life miserable. After what they did to her, she was told not to go out to play because she was now a woman.

After the FGM process, she started having cysts the size of lemons. They kept growing until when she joined University she decided to go for a surgery. She hustled and got her forst and second surgery coating 100,000 shillings each. Being in the situation she was in meant she didn't have any romantic relationships with anyone because of the fear of what men would have thought of her.

She finished University studies, got married and had her first child. By this time the cysts had disappeared and she was okay. The Husband did not know of what had happened to his wife until the cysts started growing again. The other surgery cost her 800,000 shillings and she went ahead to finance herself since the insurance companies could not pay for her treatment.

Her cysts disappeared for some time but came back again. she went for another surgery costing 400,000 shillings.

She was later operated again with 200,000.

Her whole life has been in and out of surgery houses. Until her last surgery, Angeline did not know that the FGM had resulted to alot of things that she didn't know about.

She is now very committed to trying to help people who have gone through the same. She is committed to letting the world stop mistreating the girl child.

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Angeline Mukami Embu


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