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How Lucy Evaded Death That Was Planned By Her Husband.

How Lucy Evaded Death That Was Planned By Her Husband.

Lucy Njeri is a Kenyan citizen who has been in Canada for many years and she has revealed how she escaped the death that was planned by her husband. Njeri, arrived in Kenya on 16th November 2022 to celebrate with her husband whose name is Nelson Ndereba Njeru. Njeri arrived at J KIA at 10 pm.

Later Lucy Njeri was cleared to move into Embu, where they were staying with her husband. Suddenly a taxi appeared waving her name tag. After entering the front, Lucy noticed there was a man with the driver who seemed to be her husband's colleague.

After leaving the airport, Lucy suspected that something was not okay as the driver was unaware of what to do next which surprised Lucy. she also noticed that the driver of the car behind the pay queue came to the front and helped her driver to clear the parking fee.

However, after a short period, the gangs played the audio of how her death was planned by her husband. later the gang threatened Lucy to capitulate with them or they will do as they were told by her husband. Later the gang decided to hand over the job to their leaders.

The gang instructed the planner that the ball is on his side now and should accomplish the mission. After Lucy realized that her life was in danger, she got $ 10,000 from her bag and handed it to the gang and begged them to spare her life. And that is how Lucy Njeri evaded death


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