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3 Things That Will Make You Fall Prey to 'Mchele' Gang Following Mirema Murder Case, Avoid Them

The Mirema murder case took a new twist following an ugly dig into the life of the main victim, Samuel Muvota who was murdered in cold blood. Muvota was shot dead in Nairobi immediately after dropping off two passengers believed to be a woman and a child. With the main discussion being centred on the victim's death, a second investigation digs deep into the life of the victim revealing information that was not known before. According to investigation conducted by police, Samuel Muvota's life was hidden behind the dark curtains of life and his murder reflects from the same angle.

Muvota's murder has brought to light the truth behind the scenes on what goes around in the bars and refreshment areas. With men falling prey to women who present themselves as friendly, a record of Kenyan men losing money has increased. The slain Samuel Muvota has been identified as one of the mastermind behind the unsuspecting Kenyans losing their hard earned cash to the 'mchele' gang. Samuel was identified to use women in money laundering and a need for men to stay awake from falling prey to such characters should be emphasized. As a man, you should avoid behaviours highlighted in the next paragraph.

1. Carrying Your ATM cards/Exposing Your ATM cards in unofficial functions eg Clubs and Bars/Parties.

Your ATM card should not always be available for everyone to see especially if there is no need for that. Carry your automated machine card while you are in need of it as you are likely to fall prey to opportunists. Carrying your ATM card in a refreshment joints may render you a target to a number of women who may approach you for a good time. You may also be dragged and forced to give out your personal financial details that will be used against you.

2. Being Offered a Drink/ Leaving Your Drink Unattended in a Refreshment Joint.

Leaving your drink unattended should be the last option while having a perfect time at a club/bar. There a number of opportunists waiting to capitalise on the little mistakes commited and you may end up losing money and valuable items. Unknown 'friends' should never be an option while looking for a free drink at a club or anywhere else.

3. Seeking For Help With Your ATM Transaction From Unknown Person.

People tend to ask for help while struggling transacting with the ATM machine. People ask other customers for assistance instead of consulting the bank customer care desk. A simple mistake may make you lose money and you shouldn't underestimate the possibility of losing your money with your ATM card in your pocket. Ask the relevant customer care service.

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