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Wrong Things Kenyans Do That Lead to Deadly Confrontation With Police

If you have ever been in the hands of Kenya Police men, then there are high chances you might have clashed with some officers over certain disagreements. While Kenya police is tasked with protecting lifes and properties of Kenyans, recent reports in the media have indicated otherwise.

A section of police officers have been implicated in the foul murders of citizens in various parts of the country. Blames on police brutality have been on the rise as many Kenyans point fingers to police questioning why they are doing so.

However, Kenyans forget that they could also be on the wrong when it comes to interacting with officers on the law. Majority of citizens behave in ways that escalate tensions between them and officers prompting instant harsh treatment.

Many rude citizens like threatening the police on claims that they know their rights, fighting police, resisting arrest, and all sorts of agressive behaviours. If you try this on an officer, do not expect good results.

How can the relationship between police and citizens be improved?

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